Imam Abu Hanifah

The Greatest of Imams

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Imam Abu Hanifa, Nu’maan — In Arabic calligraphy

A glimpse into his life

He is Nu’maan son of Thaabit, the Kufan. Born in the year 80AH after the migration of the Prophet SAW, from the sons of Persia, historians state his birth was in Kufa itself. He lived in a time where the latter companions of the Prophet were alive and he grew up amongst them. As a young boy he used to sell bread and study knowledge. He later stopped selling for lessons and further juriscprudic studies in the issuing of fataawa.

Ismaeel the grandson of Abu Hanifa narrates: “I Ismaeel, from the free sons of Persia, I swear by Allah that slavery has never befallen my family. My great grandfather went to the noble companion of the Prophet SAW Ali, whilst my grandfather was only young. Thaabit asked Ali to pray for prosperity in young Abu Hanifa and in his generations to come.”

It is reported the respected Imam took knowledge from 4000 of the taabieen (companions of the companions of the Prophet) and was amongst the only men at the time to have delved into Raa-iy (logical analysis). In terms of jurisprudence everyone is dependant upon him, as he was the first to centralise a specific madhhab (school of thought).

His physical description is thus, he was neither a long nor short man, average in height. He was the best spoken amongst men in terms and eloquence, rhetoric and the tone of his voice.

Hamaad his son states: “My father was a handsome man, tanned in complexion, swamped in perfume, prestige, he would not speak but it was an answer nor would he delve in matters of no benefit to him. Shareek a student of the Imam further amplifies this by saying, “Abu Hanifah was silent for long, full of knowledge.”

The great Imam of Madinah, Maalik states: “I seen Abu Hanifah, such a convincing man he is, he may tell you that in-fact this stone column is gold, he could do so with his ability of argument.”

Atheist Debate

Once the young Imams popularity sprang into existence, there once was a man who openly proclaimed atheism. A new form of belief at the time many muslims felt rather challenged by the mans claims and asked for him to be debated by the scholarly community. It so was that Imam Abu Hanifa was the upcoming leading…



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